Professor Clement SANCHEZ has accepted to attend ICNS7 as distinguished “Invited Speaker”
Professor Clement SANCHEZ has accepted to attend ICNS7 as distinguished “Invited Speaker”

Professor Clement SANCHEZ 

 Professor at the College of France, Chair of « Chemistry of Hybrid Materials »

Member of the Advisory Editorial Board of "Chemical Society Reviews”

President of the France-Berkeley Foundation


Research Interests:

Texturation and meso-organization of metallic oxides at organized organic interfaces. Synthesis and characterization of hybrid functional nano-objects obtained by polymerization of heterofunctional molecular precursors and the study of their possible assembly. Engineering new mineral structures and hybrid hierarchical structures with multiple functionalities. Studying the processes of self-assembly and characterization of the organic mineral interface by spectroscopic techniques, diffraction and scaterring (in-situ and ex-situ methods). Synthesis of inorganic and hybrid textured materials under external stress. Studying the properties (optical, electronic, mechanical, catalytic…) of novel nanomaterials. Target application domains include: chemical and biological sensors, photovoltaics, photocatalysis, fuel cells, and new hybrid therapeutic vectors.


Recent Scientific Awards:

- Nominated Foreign Academician of the Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia, Spain 2011

- Nominated Academician of the European Academia of Sciences, 2010

- Nominated Academician of the French Academie of Sciences, 2011

- Nominated Academician of Academia Europaea, 2012

- Nominated Fellow of the Material Research Society, 2012

- Lecturer of the Nippon Sheet Glass-UCLA lecture, University of Los Angeles: 2014

- Recipient of François Sommer Award « Man and Nature » 2014

- Nominated Foreing Academician of the Royal Academia of Belgium, 2014

- Recipient of Eni Award « Protection of the Environment » 2014

- Nominated Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014

- Recipient of the Career Award of the International Sol-Gel Society 2015


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