The Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INST) of Sharif University of Technology founded the biennial conferences on Nanostructures with the special support of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) in 2006 after a timely perception of the need of scientific and technological society to interact, exchange and discuss the newfangled field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology which had been experiencing fast progress.

In this regard, Sharif Workshop on Nanostructures (SWNS2006) was held in March 2006 as a start to achieve this target. Second Conference on Nanostructures (NS2008) and Third Conference on Nanostructures (NS2010) continued the path with more variant topics and more participant. Facing such a wide welcome, the Fourth International Conference on Nanostructures (ICNS4, 2012) was held with a high emphasis on participation of international professors and researchers and hosted participants from more than 30 countries. Sharif University of Technology continued the successful event with the Fifth International Conference on Nanostructures (ICNS5, 2014) hosting many distinguished scientists among them Prof. Sir. Andre Geim (2010 Physics Noble Laureate) and Prof. Michael Gratzel (2010 millennium Technology Grand prize winner). In 2016, ICNS6 hosted distinguished scientist as Prof. Sir Mark Edward Welland, Prof Paul. S. Weiss, Prof. Kenneth Suslick, Prof. Ali Khademhosseini, and many other renowned scientist from around the world and was greatly welcomed by national and international participants. ACS NANO wrote about “independent development of Nanoscience in Iran in the past decade” and “Iranian scientists’ desire for international engagement”, after its three editors attended ICNS6.

Following 6 successful events on Kish Island, ICNS7 will be held on 27 February-1 March, 2018, in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.